Grey Connemara Pony Gelding Ponies for Missouri City, MO

Grey Connemara Pony Gelding



Horse Details

  • Name: Hamilton
  • Age: 2 Year(s), 3 Month(s), 14 Day(s)
  • Breed: Ponies
  • Height: 13.1
  • Color: Grey
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Skills: All Around
  • Temperament: 3

  • Phone: +14XXXX96772
  • Location: Missouri City, Missouri
  • Posted on: 5 months ago
  • Last updated: 5 months ago

A Grey Connemara Pony Gelding is a male horse of the Connemara Pony breed with a grey coat color that has been castrated. Connemara Ponies are a breed of pony known for their strength, athleticism, and friendly nature, and are often used for jumping, dressage, and pleasure riding. Grey Connemara Pony Geldings are popular for their versatility and trainability. They are often trained for a variety of riding disciplines, such as eventing, show jumping, and cross country. Geldings are male horses that have been castrated, which can make them more predictable and easier to handle.

Breeder's Location

Missouri City, Missouri, 63001

  • Published: 5 months ago
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