Cremello Horses for Sale

Majestic and exceptional are the two words that describe Cremello very well. They have come right from heaven with pink skin, cream color, blue eyes, and white mane. These horses never fail to draw attention with the most unusual coat coloring and rare appearance. These are the fantasy horses that have come to life and are a pure form of science. Carmello's come out when two cream genes encounter one red-colored horse. These are some of the most demanded horses for display shows and are also a sign of royalty. Cremello is originally a color found in any breed only when the genes are encountered the right way.

Registered by AQHA

The American Quarter Horse Association did not register Cremello for the longest time. With the endless efforts of the Cremello, AQHA withdrew the rule. Now there are thousands of people worldwide breeding these horses and embracing their beauty. You can have this royalty too, have a look at Cremello Horses for Sale.

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Characteristic and Behavior


There are beliefs that blue-eyed horses act wilder than normal ones, but it's not at all when it comes to Cremello. The appearance of the horse will never define its behavior and characteristic. The breed and genes are all that matter. The temperaments also vary from the breed. For example, if you have a quarter horse, then you can expect loads of zeal, but again, you can’t expect the same from an Arabian.


Do these horses get along with others?


Again, these horses are defined by their color and not by breed. Thus their behavior also depends upon individuals' temperament and genes. It usually takes time for two different horses to get along, and at times it might result in total chaos or a happy friendship. Tip of the day here would be, whenever you introduce two different breed horses make sure they are across the fence. This will reduce the chances of chaos to 90%. 


Here’s how you can take care of Cremello Horses


Whether it be Cremello or any other horse, you need to give a reasonable amount of time and financial commitment too. But Cremello horses need a little more attention and care due to their light coat coloring. It would be best to build a stable where no direct sunlight falls on your horse as it may cause sunburn. You may invest in UV-blocking masks for the hottest months. By providing a proper diet and pasture, you can protect them from predators and harsh climate change. Also, regular schedules with the vet can maintain health.


Things to feed to your Cremello Horse


The majority of the diest should have pasture and hay. Cremello has a digestive system that requires roughage, and thus you need to make sure that your horse is consuming 1-2% of roughage daily as per its body weight. Your horse must have easy access to fresh water all the time as they need to cool down after exercise. This way, their digestive process becomes calm, and after an hour, you can feed them. 


So now don’t wait, here are some Cremello Horses for Sale.