Morgan Horses for Sale in New York

Versatility is what describes morgan horses the best. If you are choosing this most popular breed, this is the right choice. Morgan horses are the most cooperative breed, and they can easily please humans too. The best part is they can adapt to any situation with ease and are equestrians of all levels. Even children could handle a morgan horse. So now don’t wait, and here are some Morgan horses for sale in New York. 


The United States has various breeds of horses, and Morgan was one of the first to be developed. The size morgan horses are usually smaller than the regular ones, but they tend to weigh between 900-1000 pounds. If you are a beginner, then this is the horse for you to ride, and these are known as hobby horses.

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Characteristics and Temperaments of Morgan Horses


Morgan Horses is most known for its friendliness to the owner and even strangers. One can easily handle and train them, and they are loyal too. The horses are cooperative and one of the nicest breeds with no behavioral issues. A morgan horse is intelligent, gentle, and courageous that definitely gets the job done.  


Morgan has a broad head, bold eyes, sharp ears, and is a bit short in height. It can sit, twirl around and do all the antics gracefully. It has a very strong back and is always high on stamina that makes your ride smooth and therapeutic. Bay, black, and chestnut are the traditional colors, but you can find all the equine colors in Morgan. 


Taking Care of Morgan Horses


Owning a horse is all dreamy, but the real task is taking care of them. You can use wood or synthetic materials to make fences, and electric wires would be an excellent option. Horses can sleep while standing, but when it comes to Morgan, they have a space to lay down, and thus you also need to keep the stalls clean. Make sure to use such materials that are not allergic to your horse. You can use straw, newspaper, paper shreds, and shavings for bedding. 


The temperature is not an issue mostly. The morgan horse can thrive in cold weather, and being a warmblood horse, it needs a warm temperature between 18-59 degrees too. Also, providing adequate shelter protects the horses from wind, moisture, and rough weather. 


PS: Morgan horses require 16 hours of light and 8 hours of darkness every day. 


Feeding Morgan Horses


As much as they are the easy keepers, you still need to spend some amount of time feeding the right things. This breed does not require much food and can survive on hay, grass, grains, and water. Fruits and vegetables can boost their diet, while sweets are the big NO. Also, refrain from overfeeding to prevent weight-related issues. The beauty and charm of a morgan horse will make you the happiest. 


Here we have a variety of morgan horses for sale in New York; make sure you pick one.