Missouri Fox Trotter Horses for Sale

Missouri Fox Trotter Horses evolved in hilly areas of Missouri, Arkansas, and the Ozark region of the United States. They are popularly called ‘fox trotters’ meaning ‘a horse with brisk walking with forelegs and trotting with the hind legs.’ Early farmers needed them to help in plowing and other farm cores in rocky terrains. Also, this solid workhorse needs to perform as a riding companion.

Time flies and the relationship of Missouri Trotter is built even stronger with the humans. It has gained popularity in the community with the perks of a gentle disposition and comfy ride. The Missouri breed is in demand for recreational activities, shows, trail riding, endurance, and cross-country.

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Color of Missouri Fox Trotter Horses

They’re available in nearly two dozen color choices, including bay, champagne, chestnut, gray, black, brown, sorrel, and more.

Height of Missouri Horses

Height will vary from 56 to 64 inches or 142-163 cm. You can also find Missouri Fox Trotting ponies ranging between 11-14 hands.

Weight of Missouri Fox Trotting Horses

They range average 1000 pounds or 450 kg. 

Great Gaits of Missouri Horses

The Fox Trot: They are popular for a broken diagonal gait, which is a smooth gait. Missouri horses can maintain this rhythm gait for a long time without fatigue.

The Flat Foot Walk: It is a four-beat gait with all foot-fall sequences and similar time.

The Conclusion: Why Prefer Missouri Fox Trotters?

The easy-going and soundness of Missouri horses makes you see pleasure in them. The breed is versatile, making great mounts for children and beginner riders. Their smooth ‘fox trot’ relieves inexperienced learners by eliminating extra bouncing like other hard trotting breeds.

Since Missouri is a gaited horse, maintaining the hoof health with timely shoeing by the farrier is necessary. Also, see veterinarians for timely vaccination and regular health checkups.