Bandit Smokey Black Andalusian Colt Andalusian for Milton-Freewater, OR

Bandit Smokey Black Andalusian Colt



Horse Details

  • Name: Cruz SW
  • Age: 0 Year(s), 5 Month(s), 20 Day(s)
  • Breed: Andalusian
  • Height: 16.0
  • Color: Smokey Black
  • Gender: Colt
  • Skills: All Around, Athletic, Breeding, Champion, Classical, Color Producer, Dressage, Driving, English Pleasure, Equitation, Horsemanship, Sport, Stallion, Trail, Trail Riding, Western Dressage
  • Temperament: 2

  • Phone: +15XXXX18665
  • Location: Milton-Freewater, Oregon
  • Posted on: 4 months ago
  • Last updated: 4 months ago

Meet Cruz SW, a beautiful Andalusian colt that effortlessly blends beauty and strength. Born on April 9th, 2023, this young equine sensation stands at an impressive height of 16.0 hands, commanding attention wherever he goes. 

With a temperament rating of 2, Cruz exhibits a gentle and cooperative nature, making him an ideal partner for riders seeking a harmonious connection. Priced attractively at $13,500, he presents a remarkable opportunity to own a horse of exceptional caliber. 

Bred by Soul Wind Horses in Milton Freewater, OR, Cruz carries the legacy of his prestigious Andalusian lineage, known for their grace and versatility. His smokey black coat adds sophistication to his striking appearance, captivating the hearts of all who look at him.

Breeder's Location

Milton-Freewater, Oregon, 97862

  • Published: 4 months ago
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