How to Start a Horse Boarding Business: Everything You Need to Know

Your fascination to start a horse boarding business can get you worthwhile dollars. I am not kidding. The numbers show horse boarding business in America has been flourishing for the past three decades. Like any other business, horse boarding can lead to enormous gains when done right. Here are the several primitive steps you need to know on- how to start a horse boarding business from scratch?

Points to Consider Before Starting a Horse Boarding Business

The reports of the National Economic Impact of the US Horse Population supervised by the American Horse Council Foundation say there were approximately 7,246,835 horses in the US in 2017.

The numbers might have to shoot higher in the past seven years with the increasing popularity of equestrian sports, trail activities, and the use of horses for recreational purposes.

Many people face problems in keeping their horses after purchasing or breeding. Many don’t have enough barn space to accommodate several generations of their favorite horses. Now your horse boarding business can help such equine owners. You can provide them with space and basic amenities for their horses.

But before saying yes to this business idea, you must go through some points as mentioned below:

1. Market Research- Do research for the demand of such facility in your area. Is your area full of people who are looking for an equine boarding facility? Are they ready to pay a decent amount for it?

2. Input Analysis- Calculate the sum of money you would invest in buying a land (if not already available), pasture, housing facility, and horse keepers. Decide accordingly.

3. Pasture Management- The horse graze on land for hours. With dozen of horses onboard, you shouldn’t be tensed of feeding.

4. Equine Experience- Keeping horses brings a lot of responsibility. If you’re not a horse person and you want to keep others’ horses healthy, hire a trained equine manager who can look after horses nicely.

How to Start a Horse Boarding Business-Step-by-Step Guide

1. Determine the type of Horse Boarding Service

There is a market for several types of boarding facility. You can either go for a full-time care or partial care shelters for horses. Also, it can be based on training or breeding purpose. Determine the type of boarding business you would like to invest in after doing market research and input analysis.

2. Develop the Blueprint of Your Horse Boarding Plan

As you are done with setting the type of boarding business and its name, now you can proceed with adding details to your plan and execution. Like any other business, you need to decide on numbers, which may include stable numbers, pasture land area, employees, and more. It is important to define your services to the customers with the utmost detailing to earn their belief.

3. Establish the Legal Structure of Your Horse Boarding Facility

While starting and maintaining a business, it is necessary to follow some basic legalities. Horse boarding may look fun, but it also involves a risk. Don’t miss out on consulting an attorney for all the essentials.

4. Select a Location for Your Boarding Business and Related Facilities

If you already have suitable land for a barn or stable, that's great. But if you don’t, you need to buy a land. Building a new space always takes prior research of market and resources availability. Otherwise, you can lease a pre-existing stable which meets your business model.

5. Setting the New Space for Horses

Draw a layout of the boarding barn with industry experts. You need well-equipped stalls, paddock, feed room, tack room, and office. You need to provide optimum pasture and riding area to the horses in the barn.

6. Making all the Purchases Beforehand

Even if you’re leasing an established boarding barn, you’ll need to add some essentials. Horse enthusiasts know essential care for their maintenance, exercise, and well-being. You need to keep stock updated to stand out from other boarding businesses.

7. Advertise Your New Horse Boarding Business

Start with the traditional advertising and skyrocket it with the online marketing strategy under the guidance of some established brands or website. Every business is getting competitive with the increasing ease of audience reach. So, you need to master the advertising strategically to outshine.

Is Horse Boarding Profitable?

Every business needs time to reach its maximum potential and get profitable. Horse boarding business is a lucrative model. You can earn money in multiple ways by starting a horse boarding facility. The major cost is starting with new land and infrastructure, followed by maintenance of pasture, feed, and staff. Success in a boarding barn lies in long-term expense management.

With passaging time, you will earn profits from your sound financial strategy.


Horse lovers often find it difficult to find a second home for their riding mate. Starting a horse boarding can take a hefty investment and planning, but the returns are also worthwhile. A quality boarding barn improves riding experience and is always useful.

You can start your boarding business with a working layout, estimating on funds, investigate the cost of insurance and other legalities, excelling in horse experience, and marketing your business effectively. That’s it. You’re good to go with the boarding business, which is your asset to generate a good income inflow.

Consult experts in the boarding business before executing your plan. Let your attorney counsel you in each step to avoid any legal risks of the boarding business.


Dr Akanksha Agnihotri is another animal lover like you cum veterinarian by profession. She has earned her B.V.Sc & AH from COVS & AH, Jabalpur, India. She has a knack for befriending animals/pets and treating them compassionately. She believes...