Best horse boots for trail riding: Hoof Boots for Your Equine

Does my horse need hoof boots? Every horse's rider would question this before gearing up from the saddle to trail riding. Indeed, one should take care of horses as they are one of the most sensitive animals. Horse hooves serve as the most crucial factor for evaluating the commercial value of horses. Horse hoof boots are necessary for all disciplines of riding, but in passing safely from the paved paths in trail riding and endurance riding. Best horse's hoof boots for trail riding ensure the hoof health of the horse.

Why are Horse Boots for Trail Riding Important?

Horses used in trail riding are called ‘Hack Horses’. These horses cover rough forest roads, bridle paths, and uneven surfaces for long hours. In shod horses, the hooves may resist wearing off when riding it on trails. But the unshod horses that appear to be riding fine on trails may suffer from wear and tear of the hoof.

  • Once the horse finds the right fit, it is comfortable wearing hoof boots.
  • For unshod horses, it can act as a shoe replacement.
  • For trail riding and endurance riding, hoof shoes play an additional supportive role.
  • Horse therapy hoof shoes are best to relieve the pain of horses suffering from hooves ailments.
  • Hoof boots increase the ride time of horses.
  • Horse boots prevent unwanted injuries because of the uneven path.

Best Horse Boots for Trail Riding

1. Harry’s Horse Easyboot Cloud

Easyboot, as the name says, is an easy-to-fit therapeutic boot for horses suffering from laminitis, founder, thin soles, and other hoof ailments. Harry’s Horse Easyboot is one of the recommended best hoof boots for trail riding.


  • Some features that make you believe Easyboot is a multi-purpose horse's hoof boot:
  • Easyboot is ‘easy’ to go on trail rides. The secured fit allows the light turnout in rugged paths.
  • Easyboot cloud provides support and comfort to the horse with ailments like laminitis or abscesses. It helps in the prevention of further damage and fastens the recovery process.
  • The cloud hoof boots help in easy recovery after strenuous exercise or heavy workouts.
  • The air vents in Harry's horse boots facilitate circulation and prevent the accumulation of dirt after long hours of trailing.
  • It can help in subsiding the lameness signs and, hence, increase the productivity of horses.

2. EasyCare Easyboot Trail Hoof Boot

EasyCare presents the solution to the difficulty of fitting hoof boots on horses. Easyboot Trail Hoof Boots comes with protection and a simple fitting formula. Horses can easily adapt to the design of the boots for trail riding.

EasyCare Easyboot

  • Easyboot trail hoof boot is designed with a tough protective shield above which prevents wear and tear.
  • These horse's hoof boots comprise a neoprene band. The band slips off completely to fit different hoof sizes and shapes.
  • We can also use Easyboot Trail Hoof Boot as therapeutic boots.
  • Along with the ease of fitting in different hoof sizes and shapes, it comes with an affordable price range.
  • Manufacturers say it is suitable for shorter rides.

3. Cavallo Horse & Rider Trek Regular Sole Hoof Boot

It is one of the most flexible and breathable trek regular sole hoof boots for horses. It balances the walking equilibrium of horses on rough treks.

Cavallo Horse & Rider Trek Regular Sole Hoof Boot

  • Cavallo Horse and Rider Trek Regular Sole Hoof Boot offers a honeycomb design that maximizes strength and minimizes weight.
  • It provides efficient traction along with allowing the natural movement of horses in trails.
  • It has built-in soles that provide additive relief to the horse by taking pressure off the sole, bars, and frog.
  • Cavallo Trek Regular Sole Hoof Boots are available individually for a single hoof.
  • It helps in relieving chronic pain in hooves or hoof sensitivity, punctures, sole bruising, laminitis, and navicular disease.

4. EasyCare Easyboot Rx Therapy Hoof Boot- Best Horse Boot for Endurance Riding

Easyboot Rx is a therapy hoof boot that is great for trailering and therapeutic purposes. This lightweight horse's hoof boot provides stability to the horse while walking on uneven terrain.

EasyCare Easyboot Rx Therapy hoof boot

  • Easyboot Rx can help horses prevent injury to the hoof and lower limb by maintaining balance while riding on hard paths.
  • If your horse is just recovering from injury and it has to accompany you on trails. Easyboot Rx is the best horse boots for light turnouts.
  • It is a therapy boot that helps in faster recovery from chronic lameness and other hoof ailments.
  • Veterinarians recommend it for horses that can’t bear to stand on hard surfaces for long.
  • Easyboot Rx is additionally provided with an EasyCare Comfort Pad for additional support of the horse’s hoof on rough surfaces.

5. Easy Boot Glove Soft- The best Soft Horse Hoof Boot Available

What does it feel like to wear a warm and soft glove in winter? Comfy and cozy, right? Your horse doesn’t feel any discomfort while wearing this soft horse's hoof boot.

Easy Boot Glove Hoof Boot

  • Easy Boot Glove Soft design is based on 40 years of experience and the latest technology.
  • It makes the best horse's hoof boot for trail riding, and hilly terrain riding when combined with power straps for additional security.
  • It has a dual layer of neoprene which has proved successful in most terrains.
  • It has no external hardware. This ensures no dirt, grass, or sticks getting into the boots.
  • Easy Boot Glove Soft is stretchable to fit right on a horse's hoofs.

How to Choose the Right Hoof Boots for Horses?

It’s not only about the size, but the right fit. How do you choose the right shoes for your tracking purpose? Only after inspecting its size, shape, material, comfort, and fit for you.

Similarly, your horse needs accurate tracing of the hoof before getting into any shoe type.

Trail-riding horses need to cover many unexpected paths and need preventive measures implemented in advance.

1. Size and Shape of Horse Boot

It is important to trace the hoof of the horse before finalizing the hoof boots. The shape of the hoof also varies according to the breed of the horses you own. Thoroughbred horses have more like a round hoof as compared to the oval hoof of the gaited horses.

After removing the shoes, choose the time to trace the horse's hoof for fitting. Many hoof boot manufacturers come with guidelines to take accurate tracings and multiple change options in boots.

2. Materials for Horse Boot

The material used in bootmaking predicts its appearance and durability. For example, manufacturers mostly make the upper hoof boot body up of leather to give it a finished look and easy cleaning options with leather cleaners.

3. Evaluating Trail Terrain

Hoof boots already cover all the needed precautions and material requirements at the bottom to sustain the hard paths. It is important to analyze the terrain you’re going to cover. The hoof boot requirements would differ for sandy and beachy terrain.

Water affects most hoof materials. Water-resistant capacity is a must-check before allowing horse booting up for trail rides. Captive water inside the shoe will disturb the horse’s stride.


Q 1. Do horses require boots for trail riding?

Ans- Some horses are more prone to injuries, especially in the forelimbs when going for trail riding. We must protect their hooves with hoof boots, specially designed to prevent harm to hoof in rough paths.

Q 2. Which are the best horse boots for trail riding?

Ans- The 5 best horse boots for trail riding are: EasyCare Easyboot Trail Hoof Boot, Cavallo Horse & Rider Trek Regular Sole Hoof Boot, EasyCare Easyboot Rx, Harry’s Horse Easyboot Cloud, and Easy Boot Glove Soft.

Q 3. Are hoof boots good for the horse?

Ans- Hoof boots help the horses walk easily on stony and hard terrains. Hoof boots serve as therapy boots for the rehabilitation of horses suffering from navicular disease, laminitis, abscesses, etc.

Q 4. Can horses jump in hoof boots?

Ans- Yes, horses can jump wearing some specific hoof boots. Your horse can jump while wearing Cavallo Horse & Rider Trek Regular Sole Hoof Boot.


You would check multiple outlets to get the perfect fit for your horse while heading to a trail ride. We have made this easier for you. Best horse boots for trail riding are surely the ones that satisfy the size and shape demand, fit comfortably in a horse’s hooves, prevent injury, and relieve pain.

After evaluating demands of the right fit for trail riding horses, we shortlisted the 5 best horse boots for trail riding which are: EasyCare Easyboot Trail Hoof Boot, Cavallo Horse & Rider Trek Regular Sole Hoof Boot, EasyCare Easyboot Rx, Harry’s Horse Easyboot Cloud, and Easy Boot Glove Soft.

Ensure the best hoof boot fit for your horse today before advancing to the next adventurous ride.


Dr Akanksha Agnihotri is another animal lover like you cum veterinarian by profession. She has earned her B.V.Sc & AH from COVS & AH, Jabalpur, India. She has a knack for befriending animals/pets and treating them compassionately. She believes...