Akhal Teke Horses for Sale

Akhal Tekes belong to one of the oldest breeds across the globe. They are popularly known as "Golden Horses." They originate from desert areas around Turkmenistan. Are you looking for a good ride? This golden horse will be the most exciting ride for you. Having a golden horse with you gives you royal vibes. If you have never had the privilege to witness them, there is a lot to learn about them. 


Akhal Tekes have distinct and athletic bodies. They are tall and have strong legs, narrow shoulders, and lean ears. Akhal Tekes wear intelligent expressions, and their almond-shaped eyes are usually dark. Their specific genetic characteristic provides their coats with a metallic sheen and hollow hair follicles reflecting light. Fully grown Akhal Teke's height is generally between 56 to 64 inches, and he weighs between 900 to 1000 pounds. 


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Akhal Tekes and adaptability 

Akhal Tekes can adapt to varying environmental changes and maintain themselves in cold and hot climates. They ask for less food as compared to other breeds. They know how to multitask; they can perform at the highest levels in racing, eventing, cross country, and jumping. They are usually solid in color. Akhal Tekes are quick at learning. 

Akhal Tekes's relationship with humans

Akhal Tekes can dedicate their lives to a single human. They remain loyal to their caretakers till their last breath. They are known to become possessive of their owners. They are not good with strangers; they do not like the touch of strangers and can get angry when strangers get close to them. 

Taking care of Akhal-Teke Horse

Akhal-Teke horses cannot resist harsh owners. They require gentle and loving hands to get pampered. As aforementioned, they are one of the oldest breeds in the world, but there are less than 7000 left today. That is why they needed to be treated very gently. 

Akhal Tekes are self-willed. Therefore, they need trainers with a volume of horse training experience. They may develop stubborn nature if not treated with love and kindness. They form bonds with their owners gradually as the trust increases. 

What do Akhal Tekes eat? 

Akhal Tekes are used to little water and food. They like high-quality hay, grass, and occasionally grains or supplements. 

CBD pellets can also benefit them. CBD is a natural, intoxicating compound of hemp. CBD provides them with essential nutrients. One must give them cool and clean water all the time. 

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