Appaloosas Horses for Sale in North Carolina

The most appealing horses are the Appaloosa horses that originated in America. This breed is very interesting and widely loved for its colorful spotted pattern too. It is one of the most interesting breeds, and there’s much to study about the horses’ genetics. Here you will find multiple appaloosa geldings for sale in North Carolina and other places. 


The appaloosa horses are heavily spotted coated horses that can be noticed easily, and multiple genetic variables are involved. The Appaloosa breed was about to become extinct in the 1870s, but later it revived in the 1930s and now has become one of the fastest breed registries worldwide.


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Appaloosa Mare

The great trail horse can be ridden in the arena and on trails. She has the temperament to handle ch...

Red Dun Appaloosa Gelding

Apollo is a great all-around riding horse! He has endless potential with many talents and talents th...

Other Appaloosa Mare

This beautiful Appaloosa mare has a nice walk, trot, and canter to her. She has been ridden in the r...

Bath, NC 13Y 0M

Appaloosa Mare White

This mare is solid and willing with a great seat, light hands, and no spookiness. She currently jump...

Appaloosa for sale

This horse is gentle to handle, easy on the eye and easy to ride. He is well experienced in vet/farr...

Brown Appaloosa Gelding

I searched for years for the “perfect” gelding - one with his breeding, colour, height, ...

Gentle Appaloosa Gelding

Warrior is a gentle, beginner safe horse. He has walked trot canter both ways and has done lots of p...

White Appaloosa Mare

This mare is a very good ride and jumper with some bobbing. Great ground manners and lots of nerve. ...

Sweetest Little Appaloosa Mare

My appaloosa mare is a very sweet pony with a big heart. She loves attention and is great for anyone...

Appaloosa Characteristics and Typical Behavior

These horses are really calm ones and have a gentle and cordial relationship with humans. Yet there are times when they can be a little aggressive or stubborn, but it will not happen with the people who will treat the horse well. 


It is versatile and has great strength for the riders to have a safe ride. It also has a high stamina level and is considered a really happening horse to have ridden on. These horses do have quite a charming energy levels that can be at your help for work. 

It has a spotted pattern that can be referred to as leopard-complex and can come in multiple colors like black, grey, bay, buckskin, palomino, chestnut, perlino, dun, and grulla. 


How to take care of your Appaloosa horse?

The appaloosa horses are low maintenance and have the ability to roam around and gell up with other horses too. These horses do need a safe shelter and plenty of water/minerals resources for proper hydration. The horses also need grooming every 6 weeks and a daily self-care routine. 


What to feed to your Appaloosa Horse?

These horses do need several meals a day, and they should be having good quality grass and hay. Even salt blocks work well to ensure the minerals levels that reduce the risk of digestive problems. One should also take care of not feeding foals to prevent joint and bone problems.


If you are a hobby horse owner, then you should not miss the chance to get them. You will find a variety of Appaloosa horses for sale in NC. 


Do Appaloosa Horses easily get along with other pets?

The appaloosa horses are really gentle and cordial with other pets. They can be the best companions of dogs and cats. They do have an easy-to-mix-up attitude. 


Now that you know almost everything about these really lovable horses, make sure to have a look at the Appaloosa horses for sale in NC.