Dun Horses for Sale

If you are new to horses or looking for a truly wild horse, then dun horses are the one. Dun is not a breed but a color that makes horses different, and a classic dun hose must have a golden tan color with some black points. You can also find zebra-like stripes on their legs and a nice dorsal stripe-down pattern that creates a whole dilution. The look of a dun horse is all about royalness and clean crisp texture. The beautiful dun horse is a must, and you can find them here for sale.

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Typical Behavior and Characteristics of Dun Horse


As we know that Dun is not a breed but a color type that shares common features with the gene mutation. Thus the typical behavior and temperaments of duns will only depend upon the gene and how a dun quarter horse reacts. There are many varieties of dun horses.


A horse's temperature varies from 18 degrees Fahrenheit to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The actual temperature depends upon the horse’s coat, breed, and its ability to resist warmth or cold atmosphere. 


Do Dun Horses Get Along with Your Other Pets?


Again the answer to this question depends upon the breed of the dun horse and if they are friendly with pets or not. But majorly, horses share good company with dogs and cats. Just in case your horse dislikes or gets angry in front of pets, it is suggested to keep both pets away from each other.


What Food to Feed?


It is very simple to decide about the type of food for your dun horse. Like humans, they do need proteins, water, minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. So regular intake of fats, carbohydrates, grass, and water can keep your horse happy and full. If the weather is cold, make sure you give warm water and keep offering hay, grass, and so.


How to Keep Your Dun Horse Healthy?


Horses need proper care and grooming. Apart from that, high-quality food is also very important to ensure the long life of your horse. Make sure you provide your horse with deworming vaccines and take them for regular vet checkups. Early detection of any disease or situation can help you take action quickly. Make sure to take special care of the teeth and hooves of your dun horse. You can even schedule a hoof care time weekly to remove all the dirt and substances stuck. Also, the horses need to be active, and thus you can take them for a ride or, if not, let them roam around to get enough sunlight and energy. 


This is the right place to get your dun horse for sale. The appearance is magical, and every pet needs your attention. So a little bit of taking care of your horse can keep them really happy.