Grey Horses for Sale

Imagine you have a horse that changes its color with age. Grey horses belong to that breed that takes birth as colored but experiences hair depigmentation with age. This depigmentation begins soon after birth and progresses gradually until the horses turn entirely white. During their life journey, one gets to witness different shades of grey horses, from grey to white. Is it not exciting? We are selling such horses. Are you looking for horses? 

Greying process of some horses begins as late as nine years old, while some horses take birth with the greying process already started. The speed of greying depends on the horses and their breeds. 

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Grey Horses Characteristics

Their mane and tail do not grey at the same rate as their body. Unless affected by any gene which causes light eye color, they generally have dark brown eyes. They can be born with any color and lighten white with age. The greying process starts with their head and ends with their legs.

Types of Grey Horses 

One type becomes completely white with age due to pigmentation. This type of horse also experiences depigmentation in its mane and tail, making these horses completely white. 

The other type of grey horse does not become entirely white even after the greying process. These horses keep their mane and tail hair colored after depigmentation. 

Grey White Horse vs. White Horse

Grey horses that have turned completely white are often confused with pure white horses. But it is not that hard to differentiate between them. While pure white horses have pink skin, grey horses have dark skin because their dark skin is associated with the base color of their coat.  

In simple words, pure white horses take birth with white color only. But grey horses take birth as colored and gradually turn white with age.

Grey Horses Food

Grey horses, like any other horses, eat grass and hay. The grass is their natural food. Both grass and hay keep their digestive system working. 

Grey Horse Breeds 

We have listed out some of the grey horse breeds. 

  1. Andalusian
  2. Araboulonnais
  3. Boulonnais
  4. Camargue horse 
  5. Carthusian horse
  6. Chumbivilcas
  7. Dilbaz
  8. Kladruby 
  9. Lipizzan
  10. Lusitano

Dapple grey, Flea-bitten grey, Iron grey, and Rose grey are different variants. 

In conclusion, having a grey horse is itself an exciting journey. Not only do these horses go through the journey of its decaying process, but you also experience that journey. Here, we have a variety of grey horses for sale. Get in touch if you are looking for a grey horse.