Palomino Horses for Sale

If you are dreaming of riding a golden horse on a deserted beach? If yes, then you must be picturing yourself with a Palomino horse. Palomino’s literal meaning is a horse with a golden coat. The shades of a golden pair with a cream or white mane in Palomino horses. These horses evolved in the early 1500s in Spain. Earlier, they were the premium choice of kings, ancient emperors, and artistic canvas subjects.

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The Stunning Color of Palomino Horses

These golden horses look majestic with the silvery to white mane and tail. Facial markings like white blaze or socks also complete the look.

This attractive color look is because of the ‘cream dilution gene’ which works on red or sorrel coat color. This dilution results in the production of alluring golden or different shades of gold color.

Palomino Horses Popularity in America

Being one of the favorite horse breeds in Western countries, Palomino has a legacy in America. The color specifically resembles American horse breeds, which include American saddlebred, Quarter horse breeds, Welsh Ponies, and Tennessee walking horses.

People use these horses in shows, parades, and as saddle breeds. Nowadays, the Palomino Horse Association, established in 1936, and Palomino Horse Breeders of America (PHBA, est. In 1941) are looking after the registration of Palomino horses.

The Adaption and Uses of Palomino Horses

They are versatile but unsuitable workhorses. They are not just soothing to the eyes but also perform great in competitive equestrian sports.

According to the American Horse Shows Association, they can perform in categories of pleasure horses, parade horses, stock horses, fine harness, and walking horses.

The uniqueness of the Palomino horses in the competition shows is they’re judged for their color coat along with their performance in a particular category.


Over 200 horse breeds are there in the world, but Palomino (a color, not a breed) horses could get on the top of the liking chart of equine lovers. These are beautiful horses coming in shades of golden with a blend of yellow to white in manes and tails. The significant facial markings also catch one’s eye.

Palomino serves several purposes. Being attractive, it is part of TV shows, movies, cultural artifacts, and historical royal paintings. Palomino horses take part in several equestrian sports categories, getting extra points for their appearance like no other horse breeds.