Blue Roan Horses for Sale in Texas

There’s something special about the roan horses; the color pattern and beautiful blend of shades make a horse look out of this world. With their powerful appearance and equine breeds, blue roan horses are one of a kind. These have a mixture of darker and lighter shades with unique coat patterns. If you are looking for blue roan horses, this is the right place. Blue roan horses have such a catching appearance that you will fall in love with them instantly.


Roan horses can appear in any breed as they are created through the roan gene. One common thing is the white hair distribution all over the body, especially on the legs and head. Blue roan is a unique mixture of black horse and roan gene. A white hair coat and a light shade of black bring out a nice blue color.

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Blue Roan Quarter Horse Filly

Breed - Quarter

Gender - Filly

Location - Spur, TX

Price - $6000

Blue Roan Racking Horse Gelding

Breed - Racking Horse

Gender - Gelding

Location - Huntsville, TX

Price - $15000

Blue Roan AQHA Quarter Horse Colt

Breed - Quarter

Gender - Colt

Location - Bay City, TX

Price - $5000

Blue Roan AQHA Quarter Horse Gelding

Breed - Quarter

Gender - Gelding

Location - Aubrey, TX

Price - $25000

Blue Roan Friesian Gelding

Breed - Friesians

Gender - Gelding

Location - Quitman, TX

Price - $12500

Blue Roan Tennessee Walking Gelding

Breed - Tennessee Walking Horse

Gender - Gelding

Location - Terrell, TX

Price - $8500

Typical Behavior & Characteristics 

Roan horses are friendly and get along with other pets, especially dogs and cats. These horses do not have any temper issues but, at times, might be difficult to handle. The blue roan horses look angelic, and one needs to take regular care by maintaining a grooming routine. They have strong legs and good digestion. 


Shades of Roan

Mainly there are 3 firm colored roans like blue, red, and bay. After further bifurcation, there are multiple colored roans in the bay like black points, brown base, palomino roan, buckskin roan, and so on. It will be a nearby place to get the blue roan horse. These horses are the most fun to ride on, and they can be your best mate too. So make sure you hurry up and have your blue roan now.