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Imagine you are an adult and people still call you a kid. But this is not new to colts; they are often confused with baby horses, a common misconception among many people. Three different terms define young horses based on their sex and age. A female under four is called a filly, and a male horse under four is known as a colt. A horse who has not even reached its first birthday is called a foal, irrespective of gender. You should not be naming female foals a “colt.”


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Characteristics and behavior

Colts are usually awkward and curious about their surroundings. These horses learn how to become a horse gradually; they want to socialize with horses and humans. Between 2 and 5 years of age, the young horse becomes more robust and physically and mentally mature. 

Do these horses get along with others?

Initially, young colts are usually afraid of human touch and interaction with them. Desensitization of human contact and presence is necessary for young colts. You can gradually begin this process by cleaning, checking, or trimming their feet, allowing these horses to know you; slowly, they will respond to your touch.  So, young horses shall be treated with love and kindness.

What food colts should be given

The optimum amounts of quality protein and grass or hay that colts eat ensure a balanced diet for their growth. It provides the colts with an adequate amount of energy. A horse as young as six months requires twice the calorie level per kg of its body weight compared to an adult horse. Moreover, these young horses need more protein and minerals. So, you shall not feed the same level of food to colts or young horses that you are giving to an adult horse. 

The occurrence of bone and joint disorders remains a significant concern for the growth of young horses or colts. These disorders are generally called Developmental Orthopedic disorders (DOD). Poor nutrition is one of the factors that cause these disorders. These nutritional causes include overconsumption of calories and improper supply of mineral supplements. The consumption of high proteins does not cause DOD. All a colt or young horse needs is a balanced diet. 

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